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  • Maximizing members' profitability

  • Being a power in the industry

  • Successful marketing strategies

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Sharing

  • Innovation

Why membership in
could be the best business decision
you ever make…

If you have ideas and energy, and realize the benefit of teaming up with other strong and successful family entrepreneurs, if you are ready to take your business to the next level; if you understand that a deeper commitment brings a richer reward:

…you are ready to become a LEADING JEWELER!



Leading Jewelers Guild is a strategic alliance of independent jewelers that develops competitive advantages for its members.


10 100% Member Owned. Since 1958, Leading Jewelers Guild has been owned, governed and operated by its members. Started in the spirit of cooperation, it has fostered a tradition of sharing not typically seen in our industry. 

Keep the family business in the family by including the next generation at LJG meetings. Our members are first through 6th generation, from small stores to regional chains and giant superstores! 

8  Financial Benchmarking. Members improve gross profit; inventory turn and so much more through the benchmarking process. No other buying group can match this. 

7  Continuing Education. We bring in experts, some from within the group, on

today’s most relevant issues. You’ll bring home real solutions. 

Extraordinary Collaboration & Sharing. Sharing continues year‐round via e‐blasts, online forums, travel to each other’s locations, etc. The members become your trusted advisors; whatever the challenge, the group will have the experience and expertise you seek. 

5  Original Visual Content. Our year‐round print program ranges from mass‐market vehicles to beautiful luxury books, with matching content to support your in‐store signage and online presence. Even if you don’t use print, the information and content are priceless! 

4  We Own the Brand! Love Story® Diamonds is 100% owned by members. Make a higher gross profit on a brand that can’t be shopped. No minimums, no buy‐ins, no vendors telling you how to run your business! 

Membership Meetings. Presentations, group discussions, round tables, sales/management training, content for Webmasters, Managers and Supervisors. Often an impromptu conversation yields a breakthrough solution! Come to one of our meetings and we’ll prove it to you! 

2  Higher Gross Profit. Get the best price from day one! We don’t take percentages and give rebates like other groups do. We pick the best vendors, select the best‐turning styles and negotiate the lowest possible prices. The buying discounts alone can easily cover the cost of your dues. 

1  Possibly the best Business Decision You’ll Ever Make! To appreciate the difference LJG can make in your business and in your life, attend one of our semi‐annual meetings. Bring your ideas, challenges and an open mind; you’ll return with money‐making ideas you can use immediately.  

 Ready To Give It A Try?

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