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Feb 11, 2017

V Day


How is your store doing for V Day?

New Posts
  • broderick
    Apr 19

    Who are y'all finding to be the best in this area at this time and most competitive? Thanks!
  • broderick
    Apr 14

    Hey Leading Members! Lets try to start using this form as way to ask questions and share information. Its password protected and you must be approved by the office to view it! And you can attached documents and videos as well as link. You can also share your post on here to the Facebook group! I would appreciate if we could give it a try! It also gives notifications. Thanks so much! Broderick
  • deborah
    Mar 11

    We are in the process of revamping the way we accrue and allow usage of leave. I would be interested in reviewing your current policy or policies; if you wouldn't mind sharing. We are evaluating the benefits of keeping one "pot" of leave for employees to draw from either as sick leave or as vacation leave. (I promise to keep them confidential) You can DM me at Thank you! Deb