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  • Attend one of our semi-annual meetings FIRST to determine if Leading Jewelers Guild is right for you. (Newport Beach, CA July 11-15, 2015) Membership in Leading Jewelers Guild is compatible with membership in other groups; some LJG members also participate in AGS, CBG, RJO, IJO, FIT and other groups.

  • Email jimmywest828@gmail to request an application. Complete and submit along with a check for $625. If accepted, the amount will be applied to your first month’s dues. If not, the check will be returned to you. Send application and check to:

James West, Executive Director


5601 W. Slauson Ave., Suite 244

Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 216-9106, FAX 216-9139

  • Membership in Leading Jewelers Guild is based upon an application by the prospective member to the Board of Directors.  The applicant submits historical and financial information as required by the Board.  The Leading Jewelers CPA firm holds all financial information in the strictest confidence.  Not all applicants are accepted.  Since Leading Jewelers is wholly member-owned, we are very, very careful to accept only those applicants who demonstrate the integrity, business experience and financial responsibility required of Guild members.

  • FINANCIAL STATEMENT. Please send a full financial statement to the Leading Jewelers Guild accountant. This is to be last fiscal year end balance sheet and statement of income. The statements shall be prepared by a Certified Public Accountant on their stationery, and in compliance with sound accounting principles.. The statement is to be mailed directly to the Leading Jewelers Guild CPA, and will be held in strictest confidence.


Craig Hartzheim, CPA


5800 Hannum Ave., Suite E

Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 670-2745, FAX (310) 471-2873


In lieu of the above, a tax return may be accepted, provided it’s prepared by a CPA or Enrolled Agent and sent as a signed company transmittal letter from the member’s CPA to the Leading Jewelers Guild CPA, and includes all schedules, notes and worksheets. Should the Leading Jewelers Guild CPA have additional concerns he may request additional information, or, at his discretion, he may require a CPA-prepared financial statement including balance sheet and statement of income.

Applications will not be considered until financial statements
have been received and a reviewed by our CPA.



  • MEMBER DUES. For all new members the dues are $625 per month, regardless of the size or volume of the company. Thereafter regular dues are currently $695 per month. Members pay their proportionate share of all products and services requested.

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER AGREEMENT and PERSONAL GUARANTY. Once membership has been approved, prospective member is required to sign the Associate Member Agreement and Personal Guaranty. The Personal Guaranty covers only your debt to Leading Jewelers Guild and does not extend to any vendors or other third parties.

  • Once you have been an associate member for at least one year in good standing, you will be invited to become an owner/stockholder of the guild. Ownership requires a $5,000 stock purchase, which is fully refundable at the time of resignation.

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