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Julie Sather Browne


            Fort Collins, CO

“There is not ONE thing that can be singled out as the most valuable quality of Leading Jewelers Guild; there are many. We have been able to maintain and grow our business due to our participation. Leading is especially strong in helping the new generations take the reins. We could not have made it to our 106th Anniversary without this group.”

Jenny Caro


Woodbridge, VA

“With the number of retail jewelry stores dwindling, Leading Jewelers Guild members are prospering despite the industry trend. I have said many times in my 28 years of growing a jewelry store that we would have gone out of business without the information and advice from fellow members. Our upcoming conference in New Orleans has some great speakers and discussion topics. Our goal is to send our members and visiting guests home with information that will really make a difference.”

Steven Singer


Philadelphia, PA

“The more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know. That’s why I always surround myself with people smarter than me.”

Broderick Hicks

Central Florida And Eastern Tennessee

“My grandfather joined
 in 1975. The Leading difference is that whenever you are in need, members call and say ‘how can I help?’ If you’re thinking of joining, don't think twice, just do it! It will be a huge benefit to your store and your bottom line.”

Paul Becker


West Hartford, CT

“This July we will have been members of Leading Jewelers Guild for two years. Our regret is that we have not been members for a longer period of time. We cannot say enough fabulous things about the group; joining was one of the smartest business decisions we have ever made!”

John Saslow

“I did not ‘need’ to join a group. We have been around a long time and were doing fine on our own. But...I could not have been more surprised at what I found. It was a great, open, caring, smart, group of people. I picked up some great ideas that have made me money, and even more important, I became energized and excited about the business again.

I have just returned from my second meeting and now I am even more convinced at how valuable this group is. I think you owe it to yourself to take a look. Even if you decide that joining the group is not for you, I think you will find the one meeting very worthwhile.”

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